Dr. Trahan’s Spring Detoxification Programs and Strategies

Spring is the ideal time to implement a detoxification program. During the winter months, we typically eat a diet that is heavier with fats and of higher caloric content. In the spring, natural healing philosophies point toward a diet that is lighter, e.g., including more fresh vegetables and fruits, and less animal protein and fats.

We can facilitate our natural physiological processes through diet, herbs, and acupuncture. In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the liver, so we want to support this crucial organ’s detoxifying action. We want to be sure that our digestive system is functioning properly, ensuring appropriate elimination, and providing protein and glucose utilization, thereby providing optimal energy for daily activities and enabling the body to rejuvenate. The body’s ability to detoxify also provides the basis for mental and cognitive performance, and emotional well being.

Our detoxification programs include dietary counseling with a strategy that includes appropriate seasonal fruits (while avoiding excessive fructose intake) and plenty of fresh, steamed, and/or juiced vegetables. This is combined with herbal medicine in which individualized herbal formulas are prescribed that detoxify, offer nutritional support, and act as catalysts, to the organs and immune and hormone systems.  For instance, we typically include herbs to strengthen the adrenal glands that produce anti-stress hormones. Many of the benefits of herbal medicine cannot be duplicated by any pharmaceutical drug treatment.

We also offer acupuncture, which treats most health issues and gives the body an overall tune-up; acupuncture can be combined with acupressure, tui na, and other forms of bodywork.