Strategies To Deal With Flu

Holistic Natural Medicine effectively treats and prevents flu in adults and children           

Flu season has begun, we are already seeing people come in with headache, body ache, digestive, and respiratory symptoms.

Herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy stimulate and strengthen the immune system, and can prevent or reduce the severity and duration of symptoms. To maintain optimal health and prevent or minimize flu symptoms, we use tonic formulas with adaptogenic herbs such as astragalus, schizandra, and dong quai to maintain and enhance immunity, detoxify, and reduce inflammation and metabolic stress.

Many of my clients obtain herbal formulas to have on hand so they are prepared to immediately treat at the onset of symptoms, which is crucial. Taking herbs and inducing a sweat often stops symptoms in their tracks. I personally have achieved this many times, as have many of my clients.

We use botanicals such as isatis, forsythia, echinacea, and osha to treat the acute symptoms. The herbs are easily administered as pills or liquid extracts, and we have child-friendly versions.

While conventional western medicine treatment often uses antibiotics inappropriately to treat viral flu, herbal medicine stimulates the immune system against both viral and bacterial infections. This “health assurance” approach provides an effective strategy whether one elects to get a flu shot or not.

Acupuncture provides seasonal energetic tune-ups, and now is the optimal time to tonify the Qi to ward off acute illness and reduce physical and psychological stress.

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  • Frequently wash your face as well as your hands. Saline nasal treatment  also  helps.
  • Avoid/restrict mucous-producing dairy and refined wheat; & sugar, which weakens the immune system. Restrict and dilute fruit juices.
  • Get enough sleep! At least 7-8 hrs./night, to maintain the immune system. Especially once you’re sick.
  • Vitamin C & A, and zinc, support immune function.