Women’s Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Christopher Trahan, O.M.D., L.A.c.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest continuous medical science in the world, offers effective means to improve women’s health. Herbal Medicine supports, balances and strengthens all of the body’s physiological systems, and its ability to treat the hormonal and immune systems presents a vital therapy for most menstrual problems and immuno-deficiencies such as candida. By addressing the fundamental processes of disease, Herbal Medicine achieves impressive successes in treating a broad range of internal and metabolic illnesses.

Acupuncture treats many gynecological ailments, and is especially useful against menstrual cramps, headaches, and pain of any kind. It is the primary treatment, with acupressure massage, for musculoskeletal imbalances, neurological disorders and sports medicine.

While Western medicine excels in emergency and critical intervention, and provides technological diagnostics, Traditional Chinese Medicine can complement or replace drug therapies in the treatment of chronic illness and in long-term health maintenance.