Best Physiotherapist in New York City | Physical Therapy New York City

Physiotherapist in New York City | Physical Therapy New York City

Physiotherapy is the science of overall physical wellbeing, involving physical therapy for injury and prevention of disability by providing treatment and rehabilitation for physical issues. The main focus areas of Physiotherapy treatment are musculoskeletal functions and nervous system. Physiotherapy exercises are highly beneficial for a wide variety of clinical conditions such as musculoskeletal problems, neurological damage, orthopedic injuries, incontinence, post-partum care, cardiorespiratory problems, and palliative care.

Physiotherapy helps to restore mobility and normalcy in a patient’s life after affected by any injury, disease or disability, in general.

Components of a physiotherapy session include manual therapy, advising and educating the patient. Physiotherapy can help a patient of any age to manage further pain and prevent subsequent injuries or diseases. In a nutshell, physiotherapy helps a patient improve and maximize physical strength, functioning, and general well-being while taking care of the underlying issues.

Dr. Trahan adopts a more holistic approach to a patient’s treatment process by taking into consideration lifestyle and other dimensions of their lives.

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